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Concept, Design & Production

Establishing a new brand requires many different kinds of promotional materials and merchandising techniques. For the launch of Beco Pets' Food for Dogs, I adapted Beco Pets' designs into t-shirts and other promotional materials, and designed brand experience components like our sample bike. At trade shows and retail launches, I was responsible for exhibition design and window displays.

Print Design - Designed business cards for the Beco Pets team.

Print Design - Designed a promotional brochure flyer for the lauch of Beco Pets new wet food for dogs.

Brand Experience - Designed a promotional bicycle that was used to give away samples packs of Beco Pets new food for dogs in local parks.

Apparel Design - Designed T-shirts for the the Beco Pets team to wear at trade shows and team events.

Exhibition Design - Designed and produced quarterly trade shows for Beco Pets which included a stand layout and promotional items such as t-shirts, goodie bags, POS and flyers.

Graphics -  Benefits of Beco Food, used for print flyers and social media.

Visual Merchandising - Designed and directed the launch of Beco Food in the major retailer, Whole Foods. This included a significant window display along with POS design inside the store.